GET Going with TuGuNu & WVSTA

The Great Eastern Trail (GET) will provide a 2000 mile hiking experience in the western Appalachian Mountains.  It will connect pre-existing trails (like the Mary Ingles, Allegheny, Tuscarora, and Appalachian Trails in WV) and existing outdoor recreation areas from Alabama to New York.  This mighty trail will cross eight counties in West Virginia; Mingo, Wyoming, Mercer, Raleigh, Summers, Monroe, Greenbrier, & Pocahontas.

The GET Committee of the WVSTA was formed in 2009, and is focused on developing the GET along the Mary Ingles and Allegheny Trails in Summers, Monroe, Greenbrier, and Pocahontas Counties, WV, and Craig and Alleghany Counties, VA.  If you reside in any of these six counties and wish to help develop the GET, please contact Doug Wood, Trail Coordinator for Section 4 of the Allegheny Trail, 304-550-1006,

The TuGuNu Hiking Club was formed in Wyoming County, West Virginia in 2010 to support the creation of the GET in the Mountain State, particularly in Mingo, Wyoming, Raleigh, and Mercer Counties.  The club name stands for the Tug (Tu), Guyandotte (Gu) and the New (Nu) Rivers.  Local communities are eager to have the GET cross our state and we hope you will join us in this project.  The club is blazing new adventures while hiking and maintaining local trails.  We applaud the volunteer spirit and enthusiasm.  If you live in any of the four counties mentioned above, please join us. 

Visit our website at:

To become involved contact: or

Tim McGraw, TuGuNu President, 304-732-8412,
Joanna Swanson, 320-279-3959,

Someday Jo and Hillbilly Bart completed their adventure hike on the Great Eastern Trail route.  Check out their slideshow at on the blog post dated Sunday, December 22, 2013.

Taylor Pannill and Stuart Hickey have picked up where Someday Jo and Hillbilly Bart have left off in promoting the GET via a long-distance backpack trip.  These two wayfarers intend to follow the GET proposed route northward to the North Country National Trail ( then cross over to the Appalachian Trail to head south again to the Florida Trail (  I reckon they will be in WV around April, maybe as early as March.  Try your luck at connecting with their blog on Tumblr (, but instead of searching for John_Pannill as the instructions on the above webpage tell you to do, search instead for “appalachianloop”.  

When I did that I was able to connect eventually to (


Who knows, maybe you can connect directly using that link.  Anyway, sounds like they are having an interesting adventure.—Doug Wood.