New Route from Mt. Nebo (Hudson) to Muddy Run The following instructions are for southbound hikers.
At MP 13.30 continue straight ahead. [From now until you reach Muddy Run, the blazes will be rather far apart. In some places there is no place to put a blaze--open fields and no trees.] The road leaving the Mt. Nebo intersection rapidly becomes a narrow, tree-shaded track.

Continue along this road for about 3 miles until you reach a gently sloping roadway to the right. There is a large tree in the center of what could generously be called a traffic island.

In .5 miles you will come to a 'T' intersection. Go left. There is NO place to put a blaze at this junction.

Continue for another 1.0 miles to a triangle/traffic island and veer right. Two miles further is another traffic island. You will pass a deserted trailer on the left as you approach the road division and veer right. The road now becomes hard surface.

Continue about 3 miles and you will reach the old trailhead for the ALT in the Cheat Canyon. It is posted with large green and white signs reading "Trail Closed Until Further Notice." This is MP 28.5 in the hiking guide.

Note that the distance has now been shortened by 6.9 miles (from Mt. Nebo to the canyon trailhead).