I completed the entire trail last summer and I was wondering where I could purchase a patch or something to help support the best trail I have ever encountered. Without a doubt this is the best trail I have ever through-hiked and I would be glad to offer pointers for anyone interested in hiking the ALT. 
ALT 04 - Stoneroad

A through-hiker reported that he arrived at I-64 at 5 PM without having made prior shuttle arrangements. A national guard colonel picked him up and drove him to a B&B in Elmhurst. The next morning the 75-year-old owner of the B&B took him to the trailhead so that he could continue his trek. (I do not know what the colonel was doing a the Jerrys Run Trailhead at 5 PM.)

This same hiker reports not seeing another hiker in 330 miles of the ALT!

Four hikers signed the Mason-Dixon Trailhead log in 2003, one from as far away as Orlando, Florida.

Dog Trekker writes that "the scenery is magnificent and a beautiful campsite was had every night. It was a workout. The hilliness of this trail is comparable to the Long Trail in Vermont."

A hiker reported in 2003 "tons of salamanders, tons of wildflowers" and several pink ladyslippers. "Thanks WVSTA for providing a challenging hike."

A native who no longer lives in West Virginia writes: " I hiked the trail last summer (2003) and it was one of the best long distance trails I've hiked. It's the best kept secret in West Virginia." He purchased an Allegheny Trail patch "...to put on my pack to support my home state's best trail."