Section 4 is incomplete, although two segments are open and available for backpacking. The trail is open from the southern terminus of section 3 to Interstate 64, where it breaks and picks up again at Laurel Branch in Monroe County, ending on Peters Mountain at a junction with the Appalachian Trail. A major attraction in Section IV is the Hanging Rock Raptor Migration Observatory, reached via either of two intersections with a blue-blazed trail at N-S MP 9.37 and 9.59 of the southernmost disjunct section of the ALT. A visit to the observatory will yield, on a clear day, a 360-degree view of the Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia and Virginia.

Section 4 Trail Coordinator: Doug Wood - 304-550-1006 -

To report any trail condition problems you may have encountered in this section please e-mail the Trail Coordinator.

Section 4 Trail Conditions

Section 4 Hiking Guide Updates

A good place to check out when you plan a trip in the vicinity of the south disjunct portion of Section 4 is Tingler's Mill:

The outfitter advertised on this site has been known to offer shuttle service, and the Swinging Bridge Restaurant and Depot Lodge are nice places to have a little R&R when you come off the trail.

Shuttle service from I-64 to Laurel Branch is available by contacting or calling 1-888-PLAYWVA. You will need to make any shuttle arrangements in advance.

The Boy Scouts of America and a private landowner have cooperated with WVSTA to erect a shelter on Smith Knob (Section 4 North, N-S MP 07.50, S-N MP 08.13). The shelter was the product of an Eagle Scout project by Matt Bordas in 1995. Another Eagle Scout project (Jared Pomeroy in 1997) produced quite an elegant outhouse, complete with stall type doors.

If you are interested in helping to complete the Allegheny Trail, or to work on any part of it, contact the coordinator for section 4.