Trail Report for the Marlinton and White Sulphur Springs RDs of MNF

June 28, 2015

Doug Wood 

     The two RDs were reconnoitered last year (2014) by a USFS trail crew and

blowdowns were removed from much of the ALT on the two districts.  Then, during

W5 June 2015, we brushed and blazed 20.7 miles of the ALT between WV Rt. 28

near Huntersville and The Dock (Section 3 N-S MPs 24.44 – 45.14).  

     The Buckley Mtn. segment of the ALT (MPs 26.84 – 35.04) was cleared of

brush and blowdowns, and re-blazed.  However, the addition of a new gate near the

old gate near the top of the mountain at MP 28.44, may cause confusion based upon

the description in the guidebook.  If heading south on the ALT, you must pass

around the first gate, but not the second gate before you turn Left off of the

gravel road.  Traveling north, you must turn Right onto the gravel road and then

pass around the aforementioned gate.  

     Near the bottom in Beaver Creek Gorge (Sect. 3 N-S MP 35.04), 

improvement was made to several hundred yards of side-hill tread of the old

Buckley Mountain Trail that is now the ALT.  Three of the lowest five switchbacks

were refurbished.  Two were not because they were still in good shape.  In

addition, the ALT at the gorge bottom where the old Buckley Mtn. Trail met the

old Violet Rd. (MP 35.04) was relocated to convert a 90° turn into a narrow, nearly

unnoticeable angle.  

     At MP 37.64, the guidebook mistakenly identifies USFS Road #748 as

Chicken House Run Road.  At MP 38.05 is where the trail almost reaches Chicken

House Run Road, which becomes the North Boundary Road identified in the


     Notes on ALT trail segments that our 2015 W5 crews did not work on:  

Marlin Mountain (Section 3 N-S MPs 15.62 – 24.44) ALT blazes are good in some

spots and not-so-good in others.  The Marlin Mountain shelter is in good, rain-

resistant condition.  At this report date (June 28, 2015), there are some passible

blowdowns along the top of Middle Mountain (Section 3 N-S MPs 47.43 – 49.08) 

and on Laurel Run (Section 4 N-S MPs 00.00 – 04.48).  Blazing is in fair to good

condition over these stretches.