Janurary 2014 Update:

All references to Mile Post (MP) location are as illustrated in the Allegheny Trail Maps.  County road maps are helpful for Section One and can be obtained at major WVDOT locations in each county.

Section One was blazed in 2012 and is easy to follow with the usual exceptions of lack of trees and poles to blaze in certain locations and blazing paint on fence, utility poles and treated post that fade much quicker than blazes on trees.  The last report of problems was in fall of 2013 and located north of MP 39.0 coming off of WV RT7 north onto Peddlers Glory Road 45/3 hiking S/N.  The descend into the hollow has several blow downs reported and both sides of the almost non existing road are heavily posted.  This old road is actually a mostly dry stream bed all the way down the hill where the stream bed turns wet.

A reroute going around the Camp Dawson artillery range was also established and blazed beginning .7 miles south of MP 46.9.  At MP 46.9 point is a trout farm and fishing pond, the owner name is Roger Cole and is accommodating.  There is a gate at this point so walk around or use gate and close it.   Hiking N/S .7 miles from that point is a huge gate that enters the Camp Dawson property, bear left and stay on old county road.  Hike another mile to bottom of mountain where a gate was planned to be installed that enters a stone lane, follow to RT 51 (cool RR bridge overhead while hiking on a small bridge).  This little juncture is called Amblersburg.  Make hard right and follow CR 51 and the CSX rail line three miles to the Charles B. Felton Bridge on right.  Trail continues straight onto CO 80 Lantz Ridge although the Rowlesburg shelter is on other side of the Felton Bridge on the right behind a Civil War narrative plaque down toward Saltlick Creek.

Anybody interested in working on either Section One or Section Two contact Greg Edwards at greg@alleghenytrailwv.com or 304-215-2772.
I work those areas and can adjust schedule to accommodate volunteers.