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Work Hike On Section 4

November 29-December 2 Work Hike on Section 4

By Doug Wood

Details are still being hammered out, but as of this writing (11/15/2017) we will be
working with USFS trail crews near the Jerry’s Run Trailhead of the Allegheny Trail on
Wednesday November 29. We will meet at 10am at the trailhead. We will remove a
massive blowdown and do some tread reconstruction just a few tenths of a mile north of
the trailhead. My hope is that some of our retirees and others who can afford to take
some time off of work will come to help out. We will likely camp the rest of the week at
Lake Sherwood while we work on the ALT along Laurel Run and Meadow Creek. Deer
hunting firearms season will be going on, so wear blaze orange. Although cell service is
spotty at the locations we will be working, if you have questions before Nov. 29, give me a
call and I’ll gladly fill you in on more details as we work them out (304-550- 1006). Best to
call, because I cannot guarantee that I will be on a computer from Dec. 26 on. NO
TEXTING PLEASE. Thanks and I hope to see some of our volunteers during the work