The Allegheny Trail is a 330-mile (or will be when the last 20 miles are completed) north-south trail whose northern terminus is on the Mason-Dixon Line at the Pennsylvania-West Virginia border near Bruceton Mills. It wends its way south until it meets the Appalachian Trail on Peters Mountain at the Virginia-West Virginia border. Volunteer workers maintain all sections of the Allegheny Trail, which is marked by 2"x 6" yellow blazes.

In 2000, the Allegheny Trail (along with four other trails in West Virginia--the WV sections of the American Discovery Trail, the Greenbrier Trail, the Brooke Pioneer Trail and the Hatfield McCoy Trail System) was designated as a Millenium Trail by the Millenium Council.

The Allegheny Trail, for maintenance purposes, is divided into four "sections," described briefly below and in detail in the "Hiking Guide."

. . . And you can do your part to help the trail. You can adopt a mile or 100 miles. Contact your section coordinator to arrange the adoption.

Check out this great information on Hiking Trail Maintenance Techniques!

Section 1 starts at the Pennsylvania line and ends at the stables at Blackwater Falls State Park.

Camp Dawson Re-Route: The re-route around Army National Guard firing range has been completed. The new route has been blazed. The blazes on the old route have been removed. You should have no problem following the new route.

Section 2 starts at the stables at Blackwater Falls State Park and ends at the parking lot at the Cass Scenic Railroad.

Section 3 starts at the Cass parking lot. The end of section 3 is in Greenbrier County where the trail meets county road 14.

Section 4 is incomplete, although two segments are open and available for backpacking. The trail is open from the southern terminus of section 3 to Interstate 64, where it breaks and picks up again at Laurel Branch in Monroe County, ending on Peters Mountain at a junction with the Appalachian Trail.

Shuttle service from I-64 to Laurel Branch is available by contacting or calling 1-888-PLAYWVA. You will need to make any shuttle arrangements in advance.